JewelWater Drop

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Attach the JewelWater Drop® directly onto your tap. The water will swirl through the individual semiprecious gemstones transferring their energetic properties to the water. The water then stores these properties which are the same as those found in spring water.

The JewelWater Drop® can be installed directly onto a tap or one of our specialised water dispensers. The JewelWater Drop® transforms a standard water tap into an attractive feature encouraging family and guests to drink more water.


How does the JewelWater Drop® revitalise your water?

The water flows naturally through the individual gemstones deconstructing its unnatural structure and rebuilding its natural one. . As water receives information almost instantaneously, this gives the water sufficient time to receive the information from the gemstones as it flows through the Drop. The JewelWater Drop® contains the same patented blend of eight gemstones found in our other products.

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The JewelWater Drop® fits on every conventional water tap with an outer thread of M22. For taps with an inner thread of M24, an adaptor is included.

If you attach the JewelWater Drop® onto the kitchen sink tap, we recommend that you remove the Drop when washing large pots and pans in order to protect the glass. An extra adapter may be necessary to attach the Drop on special  taps.

Size: 9.5 cm = 3.75 inch

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