JewelWater Set

JewelWater Set with Jutebag

Place the JewelWater Set® in a jug of tap water. The energetic vibrations of the stones will transfer to the water giving it a spring-water-like quality.

Water has a huge storage capacity, similar to a CD that can store vast amounts of data.  It stores information on everything it comes into contact with. Consequently, water traveling through kilometer-long pipes and reservoirs and pressure have a significant impact on the quality of our drinking water. Unless you are able to pump your own water from a spring, the water needs to be re-energised to regain its natural spring-like qualities. If JewelWater® stones are now added to the water, the energy vibrations of the crystals are added and stored.

Amphora mit Edelsteinwasser Set 001 jewelwater header

The JewelWater Set® is a very simple and effective way to revitalise your water and to act as a constant visual reminder to drink more water.

The JewelWater Set® is a special blend of eight semi-precious gemstones that are radiesthetically-tested (with a pendulum) and balanced to revitalize and improve your drinking water. 

A detailed overview of the individual gemstones can be found in the instructions included in every JewelWater Set®.

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