JewelWater Helix

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Developed by Otto Pichler (Pichlerwasser), this product has been around for more than 25 years.

Natural flowing water twists and turns as it meanders down the river.  The JewelWater Helix® follows this basic principle.  Water flowing through the JewelWater Helix® flows around a high-quality hollow spiral made of a special stainless steel; it whirls over our JewelWater Helix® and implodes into the helix cavity and over another spiral. The implosion dispels the negative structure replacing it with the structure of natural spring water.

Benefits of the JewelWater Helix®?

> Changes & improves the water structure.

> Removes buildup of mineral deposits in the pipes ie lime, calcium, iron, etc.

> It helps to balance water levels in the human body.

> General improvement in health and feeling of wellbeing.

The JewelWater Helix® connects to the following pipe sizes:

¾" to 1" for standard water pipelines

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