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Water retains information

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The water molecule is a dipole, which means it has a + and - side, like a magnet. Water molecules bind themselves together into three-dimensional structures (clusters) and they  store information in these structures in a similar way magnetic tape stores information.

Spring water has a harmonic structure. Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this with his stunning photographs of water crystals. On its way from the spring to the tap, water receives a variety of information, much of which is unhealthy.  It also loses its “vitality” as a result of flowing unnaturally through round pressurised pipes. During this process, the water’s original harmonic structure disintegrates and the water becomes “disharmonic". According to Dr. Emoto, water will then stop expanding its crystal structure. (Photographs of water crystals from the book "Perfectly Healthy and Happy" by Andreas Kavalirek). Using our water revitalisation process, we can restore important and natural information back to the water, informationsimilar to that found in high-quality spring water.

Our JewelWater DropJewelWater Helix (which attaches to the tap) and (which is attached to the pipes) go one step further and also spin the water to replicate the natural flow of water through gemstones. As a result, the water is infused with important information and becomes revitalized.

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