FAQ´s about Jewelwater

Here are selection of questions that people have asked about the Jewelwater Set, the Jewelwater Drops, and the Jewelwater Helix. All questions and answers can also be found in the book "Perfectly Healthy and Happy" by Andreas Kavalirek 

We will happily  answer any additional questions you may have. Please send them to office@jewelwater.com

What is the JewelWater Set?

The JewelWater Set® is a special blend of eight semi-precious gemstones that are radiesthetically-tested (with a pendulum) and balanced to revitalise and improve your drinking water.

Why do you use polished gemstones? Aren't natural (unpolished) gemstones better suited for water revitalisation?

A (gem) stone always contains the same information, whether in its natural (unpolished) or polished  state (rounded or cut). Polished stones are easier to clean and, therefore, less easily contaminated. We use a black tourmaline, for example, that is quite brittle in its natural form and fragments easily into small crystalline structures. Uncut natural gemstones often contain additional bedrock, which can cause unwanted interactions between the stones. Furthermore, impurities found in the uneven sections of unpolished stones can occasionally be released into the water. With continued use, small pieces of unpolished stones may also break off, contaminate the water and then be ingested. (The gemstones tend to polish or “drum" themselves, i.e.  they round their own edges - like stones in a creek or river). The many uneven  edges found on unpolished rocks are difficult to clean and are therefore much more susceptible to contamination.

Warning: Due to sharp edges, unpolished stones are not designed to be used by children. Slivers of rock can be swallowed and cause internal injury.

Can you describe the special blend of eight stones found in Jewelwater in more precise detail? Which stones are used and what are their effects?

A detailed and color-coded description of the gemstones and their effects  is included in every JewelWater Set®. Our special blend is patent-protected.

Do I have to use all eight stones simultaneously or can I also use them individually in my water?

The JewelWater Set® is designed so that all eight stones should be used at the same time. If you decide you would like to remove a specific stone for some reason, feel free to remove it but be aware of any signals your body sends you. You may also want to place a single gemstone in a glass of water to prepare a "gemstone essence" of that specific gemstone. You can test these techniques yourself or consult experts.

Do the stones need to be recharged and if so what do I need to consider?  What does "charge regularly" mean?

There is considerable debate with regard to the "Unloading and Recharging" of gemstones. Opinions on the topic vary wildly and there is little consensus. Some maintain that the stones should be buried. On the other hand, others believe that the stones should be placed outside in the sun or under the light of a full moon. One finds different recommendations and opinions in every book on gemstones. Our opinion, formed over many years of experience, is that the charging or discharging of gemstones is not comparable to rechargeable batteries. A gemstone does not exhaust its energy like a battery and thus does not become “empty." A stone can transmit its energy or vitality to water and/or people.

The transfer of information is similar to the music on a CD. Even when played thousands of times, a CD retains its original music (the information or energy) and the music does not diminish over time. The CD does not have to be "recharged”. It is the same with information stored in gemstones.

A gemstone contains the same energy for millions of years and that ”information" will remain the same over the next million years. The energy will not decrease with continued usage. Charging gemstones in the sun can be seen as an etheric or energethic cleaning (i.e. removal of residual gemstone energy). "Recharging" gemstones in the sun is   more  of an etheric clean rather than a battery recharge.  As a result, regular ”charging" is unnecessary.

Sometimes I notice a residue on the stones after a few days? Is this residue a problem? What happens to the water?

If a (slippery) residue begins to build on the stones, it is due to the contents of the water. Should you notice such a residue, we suggest you thoroughly clean both the gemstones and the pitcher to prevent contamination or impurities in the water.

In general, the  jug and gemstones should be washed twice a week. The pitcher and gemstones should also be cleaned with our special cleaning solution from time to time. We recommend once a week if used by a business for guests and customers and once a month for personal or family use.

Do I need to wash the stones before I use them for the first time?

As the stones may pass through many hands and are be exposed to different packaging materials before they reach you, we recommend that customers wash the gemstones with our special cleaning solution, or at least thoroughly with water and salt, before placing them in a jug of water.

How long do the gemstones last? Do they eventually lose their effects?

Theoretically, the Jewelwater Set®will last forever. If a stone breaks, however, we strongly recommend you replace it immediately to avoid water contamination and injuries caused by ingesting shards of stone.

The JewelWater Set® should be regularly cleaned to avoid any residue buildup. Though the effects of the gemstones' "information" will never diminish, we recommend you replace your Jewelwater Set at least every 2 years for hygienic reasons.

Can the Jewelwater Set heal any  illnesses?

Absolutely NOT! The JewelWater Set® does not heal any  illness!

The JewelWater Set® should just encourage you to drink more water! I It’s good for our health and wellbeing to drink plenty of good, clean water! If you have any illness please consult a medical doctor.

Do the stones clean my water?

No, the gemstones are not filters and will not clean your water. The gems just pass their "information" to the water. Please put the gems just in clean drinking water!

Is all this scientifically  proven?

No! This information has not been proven by "official science". There are lot of scientists and specialists, especially from quantum theory, who are "on the way" to prooving it.

What is scientific proof:

Everything  that  exists  consists of electrons  and protons which are oscillating all the time. Essentially  we can say that everything which exists oscillates.

On the other hand the gems have a crystalline structure - which we call "information".

Water has also a structure called "cluster". In our opinion the gems crystalline structure form the “cluster-structure” of the water i.e.  It’s a "re-information" of the water also known as "revitalisation".

We believe that water contains quartz information in its structure (SiO2 - the second most frequent mineral on earth) and water flows through it. 

Water loses this information traveling through  the long pressurised water pipes from the river to the tap. Using the JewelWater Set or JewelWater Drop will “reniform” the water.  Scientific validation is not our objective. Our objective is ensure people drink enough water and JewelWater reminds us to do that.  

For us it´s not important if it is scientifically proofed, for us is important, that the gems of the JewelWater Set® reminds you to drink enough water!

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