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Who are we?

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We have been working for many years with “water”.

Our mission is to make revitalised, environmentally-friendly water available to everyone through our Jewelwater products. We also want to raise awareness and understanding of water related issues. In other words we hope to expand peoples’ "water-consciousness."

Water and health are inextricably linked: water is not everything, but without water everything is nothing! A healthy lifestyle begins  by drinking enough pure, high-quality, energised water.

"You're not sick, you're thirsty!"

This is a quote from Dr. F. Batmanghelidj  from the book  “Water - The Healthy Solution”. We would encourage every health conscious person to read this book. It explains the meaning and importance of water consumption and describes the debilitating effect of dehydration if we fail to drink enough water.

Our  extensive experience with water confirms his conclusions.

Our water specialist, Ing. Andreas Kavalirek, is available for Presentations and Seminars on this subject.

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